First Post/About the blog/What to expect

Welcome to ENC Preparedness. Hopefully this blog wont be like the countless other preparedness/prepper blogs out there. I am not trying to prepare for nuclear war or the end of days (I refuse to acknowledge zombies) because they are unrealistic and STUPID hard to prepare for on a budget, or as a real person. I live in Eastern North Carolina (duh, right?) and hurricanes are a part of life here. Natural disasters happen everywhere and are unavoidable, that is what I prepare for. Sorry, no underground bunkers or “bury your guns” posts here. What you will see are posts about what the average person can do to prepare themselves for the unavoidable and on a budget.

I guess you might want some background on me now, huh? I am not originally from this state, I grew up in Washington State (no not Seattle) and joined the Marine Corps at 18. After boot camp and MOS school I did 19 months in Japan. My final duty station was in, you guessed it, Eastern NC. No I was not a grunt hardened by combat. I worked on Airplanes, so don’t expect any of that. I am a husband to an amazing wife who keeps me from blowing our budget on bullets and bandaids. I am very lucky to be married to someone who shares many views with me, including being prepared. She has some health concerns and is currently pregnant with our first child. I currently work a a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company, and recently enlisted into the NC National Guard as a medic, I eventually want to go to school and become a Doctor.That is all you really need to know about me. I’m not a survival expert (though I am an Eagle Scout) so this will be a journey that we share together. Yay, knowledge!

What should you expect from these posts you ask? Well I’ll tell you. My next post will probably go over the poor job I have done so far of preparing my family for natural disaster. I mean I don’t even have a generator or MRE’s! How will we survive?!?!?! Everything after that will about things I add to our plan and how you can incorporate them into yours. Do not take what I say to be the best ideas out there. What works for me in my location, might not be the best idea for you in yours. There will be no telling you to buy ridiculously expensive pre-made kits, how can they know what suits you best? Plus, I’m broke, so if I wouldn’t waste my hard earned money on something I won’t advise you to. There will also be no telling you that you need to raid your local army navy store and Dollar General for everything you need. I guess it will be a kind of happy medium. (for the record, Dollar General does have some decent medical stuff for pretty cheap). Maybe I can convince my wife to take some pictures of the stuff we get so you don’t have to deal with crappy photos taken from my 3 year old Ipad mini. I might even do a video or two about stuff. I would also like to apologize now, my writing is not what it used to be back in high school, maybe I’ll submit my posts to people I know to get edited.  Maybe I’ll talk my wife into doing a few posts about preparedness from her point of view. Not everyone gets as lucky as I did to get a wife who cares as much as I do about preparedness and letting your significant other see things from a woman’s perspective could help convince them to let you at least store some water, canned food, and candles for when the next storm knocks your power out for a few days. Oh, side note. I am kind of a nerd, so be prepared for nerd jokes and crappy puns. I will try to keep these posts clean and family safe in case you guys want to let your kids in on your own preparedness journey, but please bare with me I was a Marine for 5 years.

All in all I’d like to welcome you again to my blog and hope we can all learn a lot from this.

God bless you all, and God bless America.



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