Update, I suck at this whole blogging thing.

So it’s been over a year since I started this blog, and since my last post. A LOT has changed. A lot has sadly stayed the same. I am now actually a father and that has probably been the biggest change to our preparedness level in the last year. But, we’re managing it as best we can. In the last year I completed the Army’s 68W course and learned A TON about the medical field. So I guess I should talk about what we actually did to increase our preparedness level, especially with a kid. Having a Sam’s Club relatively nearby has helped us immensely with not only being prepared, but our budget too! We buy a lot of baby related stuff there; from diapers, to formula, to even clothes (they’ve got THE best deals on Carter’s brand clothes I have ever seen). Food is a little easier to prep for with an infant, you just buy formula, make sure you rotate what you have, and keep extra water on hand. With our kid eating more “normal” food, it isn’t enough to really worry about quite yet…give it another year and we may have to start making adjustments. Keeping the pantry stocked is pretty easy after you establish your initial inventory. The best way to maintain your supply is to replace things as you go- when you notice something is getting low, add it to the grocery list for when you go out next. Something that we do with our pantry items, is keep multiples of higher use items, and once we start on a new box of something, we will replace it on our next trip to the store and rotate our existing supply forward. I will say that I have changed my mind on Mountain House style food for preps, it’s really easy to get an Essential Bucket just to make sure you’re covered for a basic natural disaster. It is definitely something I plan to add to our food prep in the future. Something to keep in mind is that you will need to add extra water to your storage plan if you go that route, plus something to heat the water. I have added to our medical preps in a BIG way (yes, the diaper bag has an IFAK in it). I have gained a lot of knowledge over the course of my training and that has guided me in the purchasing of certain items over others. I’ve also been much better at prioritizing equipment for IFAK’s and small medical bags. I will be dedicating an entire post to some basic medical info plus how to build your own IFAK with good equipment. Links for everything will be provided. Sometime soon, I plan to do a review on one of the best pieces of nylon gear that I have EVER purchased. I’d like to point out that I haven’t just focused on trauma medicine, I have also added to the basic first aid equipment we keep around the house and even the things I keep on my person in my “EDC Backpack”. I really hate the term EDC Backpack because if we’re being real here, I feel like it’s a blanket statement. When you see most people throwing around that term, they’re also throwing everything & the kitchen sink in some PALS [MOLLE is the system, PALS is the actual webbing] covered bag that ends up sitting in their vehicle and never ends up going out with them. I will also be doing a post on realistic bugout/edc backpacks and how I have my own set up. A bugout bag is cool, but the one you leave in your closet, because you think it takes up WAY too much space in your car…that one isn’t cool. OH! Recent weather and things! We actually had snow in the ENC, and oh boy did things shutdown around here! (quite a few vehicles left in ditches). Another upcoming post I’ve got in mind is going to touch on vehicle kits; what you should keep in them, what’s a waste of time, and I promise- I will be showing you mine. (relax!) 2017 was definitely quite an interesting year and I cannot wait to share what I’ve learned with all of you. Hopefully I’ll be A LOT better about updating the blog this year. Mrs. ENCP has even shown interest in sharing her perspective with you, hopefully it is something you can learn from or take to your significant other for discussion. That’s about all I have to add right now. If there is anything particular you’d like for me to cover, ask away! Also, check out our Facebook Page and our Twitter Page to stay up to date and for random shenanigans.

Be smart, be safe, be prepared.


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